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Case Swedish Open 2015

Once more - A world class event

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Case Swedish Open in 2015 looks to be yet another world class competition, including both world number one Gregory Gaultier and world number four - the large squash artist Ramy Ashour already confirmed for the tournament. Add to this a number of the world's best squash players. This is the twelfth time that we arrange Swedish Open at the all-glass court at Linköping Sporthall.

The competition is one of the largest and most imoportant in Europe this season and we are the second largest squash tournament in Europe in terms of both prize money and the starting field. World players are very pleased with our arrangement and certifies that we organize one of the world's top competitions. Visit Linköping for a weekend packed with excitement!

The Case Squash Cup with 20 different classes continues to be a huge success alongside the professional tournament. Once again, Quality Hotel Ekoxen will be the official hotel for the tournament. The popular players party will be held on Saturday night at Harry's - Linköping's hot spot no 1.

The Case Swedish Open week 2015 will be played:
3-4th of Februry Qualification in Linköping and Norrköping
5-8th of February The main draw will be played on the four glass court in Linköpings Sporthall
6-8th of February Case Squash Cup with 20 different classes

ActiPro Event  in cooperation with
Swedish Squash Association and Linköpings Squashklubb and Arenabolaget in Linköping

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Linköpings sporthall and Linköping Squash Center 3 -8 February 2015
PSA Linköpings kommun RIX FM Ekoxen Linköping PSA Unibet
Squash förbundet Linköpings Squash Klubb Arenabolaget Linköping Corren